I am of the opinion that a book on golf etiquette is something a beginner should read even before they decide to purchase a) golf lessons or b) any golf instruction book.

For centuries golf is a game that has been steeped in tradition and has been surrounded by mystery and governed by a sense of timeless laws. My grandmother used to remind me on an old William Shakespeare quote that went “manners maketh man”. A please, a thank you can go so far and this can apply no less to the wonderful game of golf. If you are new to golf it is important that you understand the fundamental basics of golf etiquette. These are not the rules of the game but they are equally just as important. Breaking a rule of etiquette is just the same as walking over to a fellow golfer’s bag, removing his seven iron and snapping it in half. There are a series of do’s and don’ts; unspoken rules, untold laws any golfer old or young, new to the game or highly experienced must adhere to.

It is with all of this in mind that you need to appreciate the importance of understanding the don’ts in golf in order to make your playing experience an enjoyable one; for not just you but you’re playing partners also.

I believe there are 20 clear areas that you must take the time to consider. I highlight all of these in my latest book. I lighthearted read, but nonetheless important all the same. I go over the following in more details..

1. Let Your Yes Mean Yes
2. Quiet Please
3. Leave a message
4. To Repair Or Not To Repair
5. Your Honor
6. Temper, Temper
7. Comedy Value
8. Slow Play
9. Fore!!
10. Pass the Rake
11. Mind The Line
12. Attending The Flag
13. Give Me Some Space
14. Play Through
15. Dress Code
16. Lost Balls
17. Cheating
18. Golf Carts & Trolleys
19. Little Help Please
20. The Commentator