Golf ball behind driver at driving range

I wrote this article because part of my new golf warm up routine includes holing putts. I read an interesting article about boosting confidence on the putting greens and it focuses on making sure you spent the last section of your warm up holing out putt after putt. The main reason for this and actually the main reason I found this to be successful was that it fed your mind with a positive memory to take to the course.

I am a firm believer in deliberate practice and much of my practice time is to take 1 ball and play a variety of different shots with a single ball in order to replicate realistic scenarios that I might face when I next play golf. However my warm up is not a time for practice and I found this routine to be highly effective as my warm up is purely a time to to get positive, loose and send the right signals to my brain to perform to the best of my ability.

Therefore, after warming up on the putting green with a few lag putts or 4 footers, head to a flat hole location and hit putt after putt into the hole from 1 foot to provide that confidence boosting feedback just before you tee off.