I love Woburn Golf Club. There you go, I said it. All 3 courses are stunning and you have a feel of Augusta as you play various holes with well manicured fairways and tall pine trees that line most of them.

All of the courses are a slightly different version of the other. The Marquess, Dukes and Duchess are all a difficult test of golf and if you are not hitting it straight then you may want to come back another day.

However the Duchess does provide a little less to worry about, if you can take your eyes off the beautiful landscaping a concentrate on the task that is.

The green fees are not cheap, but you are being invited for the price to take part in an amazing experience. I get there as often as I can realistically afford it. If I was to have to decide which of the 3 courses I preferred I would say the Dukes because there are a few holes where you almost feel like you are lost in an enchanted forest that someone has turned into a golf course. I once played 18 holes alone with no groups before or after me and I honestly felt like I had the place to myself.

If you have ever thought about, but not committed to playing at Woburn Golf Club, make plans to do so as soon as possible You will not regret it. It is easy to see why Ian Poulter is the clubs touring professional.