A belief is simply an interpretation that you hold to be true. Our brains are wired for beliefs and when activated the body responds as if the belief is reality, producing behaviour. Our brains cannot distinguish external from internal ‘reality’. And here’s the KICKER – If we believe we ‘CANNOT’ play a certain shot, we will struggle every time we play it. By changing our beliefs inside, we can create a new reality which, in turn have a massive effect on what we are capable of.

Here’s an example:
You believe you are always unlucky when playing golf so you ignore and delete all fortunate breaks, instead highlighting all the tough breaks during your round. Often, your limiting beliefs only activate under certain circumstances, leading to a negative result under pressure such as a crucial putt, a drive on a certain hole or a game against a certain opponent. This leads to a negative affect on our emotions and behavior, demonstrated by negative thoughts, anxiety and tension. To describe how change is possible and how it links to beliefs think about Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile in 1954…medical experts thought it unsafe for anyone to try….fast forward a year, 300 runners broke 4 minutes.

Did they become fitter?

No, they changed their beliefs which led to a change in emotions and feelings which led to reaching new levels of performance.

You can too.!!!!